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January 9th, 2001

Jewelle: I'd like to take a little bit of your time with this small message:


Jewelle: Due to Gamespot's and RPGamer's unending high praise for the game which didn't excite me while Vagrant Story got so little recognition, I have retaliated with a review of the game. Read it, _then_ kill me. Thank you.
(I like Chrono Cross as much as the next person, but calling it Game of the year along with more than 3-4 other awards is a bit too much!)

And when I get my chores out of the way, the full update will come. Have fun till then!

December 17th, 2000

DJ : Wow, December already. That means my exams are over, and my holidays are here! Course, you'd think I'd be more free during my holidays ^^;

Ah, I'm finally starting to write fanfics again. It feels a bit weird doing it after being in a writer's black hole for months. Nope, no fanfics this time, but a teaser for a story that I have in mind. That's accessible at my Independent Stories section.

Also, I'm looking into revamping TSV again. This is a fairly nice look, but after a year or so, it's time for change, hmm? Sorry for the inconvenience (Just how do you spell that word anyway?) and the lack of updates!

October 30th, 2000

Jewelle: I have 2 WEEKS left to the Malaysian Certificate Examination aka SPM...
    what the heck am I doing here? Because I *CARE* about you! ^_______^

Of course, studying, CGing and video games consequently gives me less time to do anything.

                                                *Gets a glare from DJ*
                                                *Jewelle smiles uneasily*

I'm a lousy procrastinator, sue me. ^^

ANYWAY, I have put up the Vagrant Story review (which I actually completed last month) and by clicking the 'Updates' header, you now can check up on past updates! Isn't that useful?!  Aaaaaaaaand I also put up a new essay in the misc. section. Please do not read it when you are sick of the world. You'll want to hate it more after that.

October 11th, 2000

DJ : Hello! The dreaded exams are barely over and here *I* am! *whispers to Jewelle : You owe me one!!*

DJ : This time I'm putting up works that are not my own. (No, they are NOT plagiarized, you guys know how I feel about that!) I'm showcasing pictures from my very good friend Weewoo, whom I think is a genius at CGI-ing! Also pictures by my younger sister, Myrtle. You can view these pictures at my Misc. Section! It's a lot more easier than reading, huh?

                                                   *Gets a glare from Jewelle*
                                                   *DJ shrinks under her glare*

DJ : I meant, you people have to keep reading the stories now, too!! See you all! *makes a hasty escape* ;)

August 31st, 2000

Jewelle: Happy 43rd National Day, Malaysia. *waves tiny flag half-heartedly* So I'm not as patriotic as the majority of the population. Bite me.

Jewelle: Anyway, the process of updating this homepage has really made me wonder how do the people at RPGamer's Interaction parts (fanfics, fanart, editorials, etc) juggle their timetables. I salute them and their efforts. ^__^ So anyway, I've put up a truckload of PS reviews for you to read (I am NOT the one playing them), and another approved fanfic. A bit cynical, but it works for me.

Jewelle: On another happy note, I got accepted into a Writers' workshop, so I won't be around from the 5th to the 7th of September. Maybe I'll put up the application essay I wrote....someday.

August 4th, 2000

DJ : FREE!!!! Free from the first round of my final year in high school's state level exams!!!

DJ : *ahem* Sorry about that! And about the lack of update (it's becoming a trend, isn't it? =( )
Anyway, for this update I've added ... um ... Oh yes, pictures! You can find them under my Miscellaneous section. Look for a few new links in the Links section! And I think I've added another chapter to Avengelist, and I'll be posting my new Evangelion fanfiction soon! Just wait! ;)

DJ : One last note, the official address for The Silent Voice has been changed to so update your bookmarks (HAHAHAHAHA.. *ahem*) people! If you're still browsing with the old address this page will look screwed indeed!